Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drawl I Ever Wanted

The ol’ Memphisotan is on spring break this week (actually, I’m working on another project; more on that later), so in lieu of a regular column, I’d like to provide an addendum to an earlier post. I’ve gotten so much feedback about the phrase “be careful” from Southerners who never realized it was a regionalism that I thought I’d post a few more expressions that are unique to the South. So here we go, y’all …

South: Have a picture made
North: Have a picture taken

South: Put your stuff up
North: Put your stuff away

South: Made a good grade
North: Got a good grade

South: Took up (homework, a test, papers, etc.)
North: Picked up

In every case, I tend to find the Southern way more charming and appealing, even if not necessarily better (Up? How many things actually need to go “up?”), and have adopted them as I comfortably can. Any other idiom-syncrasies I’m missing?


  1. We "carry" things places instead of taking them: "I have to carry some paintings to Nashville."
    And we're always fixing to do things.

  2. Cut off the light and get a shower.

  3. South: I'll keep your children while you run an errand. North: I'll watch your children while you run an errand.